K Huis Party

Wat: K’s Huis Party
Wanneer: Zaterdag, 17 Augustus 2019 – Vanaf 18u tot laat
Waar: Naritaweg 8, Amsterdam. See Map

Don’t Read This –>> Drop message Keith on his watsapp to let him know what you prefer to drink like right now because poor child needs to get it from the stores and he needs fit this chore in his unbusy calendar. Choose from drink list below. K will organize drinks accordingly to your liking and quantity depending on how many have confirmed attending. Food will be served at exactly 8pm (no animals will be hurt for sake of your appetite). He usually doesn’t care about his guests but this time around he’s trying to get the best host ever award! (Google translator gave up so geen Nederlands). Also please do not bring anything, no gifts, no big bags of cash, just bring your love and joy, your motivation, inspiration, kindness and that magical energy inside to share with others, it is all I need from you. I hope everyone shows up so we can have a great time togetherrr.

Confirmed Gastenlijst(In no particular order):

  1. Rob
  2. Ali
  3. Krish
  4. Alex
  5. Mark
  6. Vitor
  7. Liz
  8. Nora
  9. Liina
  10. Jen
  11. Jeena
  12. Iqbal
  13. Keith – Gastheer
  14. Charles
  15. Andre
  16. You could be the next. Text Keith to let him know that you are coming. Text Keith if you are no longer coming, but be careful it will suck without you.

(Some of my homies and homegurlz can’t make it but it’s alright you’ll always see me around in your wild dreams…)

Ete / Snacks:

Popadoms ( K maakt het vers! ) (18u)
Avond Ete ( Pasta met groenten ) ( 20u)
Chips (can be unhealthy, just like love)

Gedrank (dirt cheap brands of course):

Water (a non alcoholic drink sourced at tap)
Rode wijn (Merlot)
Witte wijn (Chardonnay)
Rose (Unbranded)
Beer (brands which you would never have heard of)
Tee (green / English)
Koffie (Golden strength 6, 100% Arabica but religion free)
You could bring drinks along if you wish but not required

Geplande Activiteiten :

  • Kletsen
  • More Kletsen
  • Interval (baby talk)
  • We can play video games on my large cinematic screen but I only have one game controller. If you have playstation or Xbox controller bring them it will work with my Nvidia Shield console
  • Kletsen
  • Dans
  • Nederlands oefenen
  • Party Games

If you think you haven’t wasted enough time on this page watch this pointless video till the end…

Actually, you can watch it twice if you like (I did!). There are also nice life changing comments in the video to read.

p.s: Toilet charges is 50 cents!!